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Hi, my name is Dimitris and this is my blog with some stupid embedded projects I’m doing in my free time. Having this blog helps me to organize and keep track of my projects and source codes. I hope that you may find some them useful.

I’ve started as an electronic engineer, but during the years I’ve worked as VLSI designer for mixed analog integrated filters, an embedded engineer, firmware engineer, software engineer, embedded Linux engineer, software architect, solutions architect, product owner, DevSecOps and the list goes on. I like electronics, and programming from very small MCUs up to Qt and building distributions with Yocto. I’m the maintainer of the meta-allwinner-hx Yocto BSP repo and I’m also a contributor to the project.

Currently I’m working in SAP as a DevSecOps in cloud technologies, but I’ve worked automotive industryin professional audio industry and for almost 10 years I was designing and build fire alarm panels (firmware, software and some schematics/PCB). My interests expand also on other domains, like home automation and of course blinking LEDs with microcontrollers or pods in a kubernetes cluster.

Therefore, here you’ll find various stupid projects that don’t really have anything to do with my professional career or anything too serious.

Have fun!